About Us

We are an association working for professional activation, whose mission is to develop the information society by taking action is innovative, knowledge-based and industry best practices. Humaneo is a team of people who combine a passion with action, devise and implement innovative solutions responding to the real needs of employers and civil society. The initiatives undertaken by us, human needs are at the center. Effectively respond to them, using the systems validation of qualifications: Information ECCC (European Computer Competence Certification), linguistic TGLS (The Global Language System) and professional VCC (Vocational Competence Certificate).

We comprehensive action in the field of non-formal education. We organize trainings, we reaffirm the learning outcomes through external examinations theoretical and practical, completed possibility of obtaining qualifications. We publish textbooks in the areas of professional and information technology.

work with expert staff responsible for substantive and methodological development of a quality system of education in accordance with the provisions of the European Qualifications Framework.

Constantly expanding partner network, both on the Polish and foreign markets. We cooperate with accredited trainers and examiners. We work with government entities and local government, including the development of projects co-financed from EU funds, in particular the Human Capital Operational Programme, Innovative Economy Operational Programme as well as the Regional Operational Programmes.

Statutory objectives

  1. to take measures for the development of IT education
  2. development of the information society
  3. taking action in the area of ​​information and promotion of European integration
  4. taking measures to ensure economic education
  5. promoting the development of civil society
  6. action to increase access to education through the development of lifelong learning
  7. taking measures to regional and local development,
  8. training of human resources of the economy,
  9. entrepreneurship and professional activation of the inhabitants
  10. promoting the development of skills and qualifications related to the needs of the regional and local labor market
  11. action aimed at improving access and participation of women in the labor market.
  12. The establishment of cooperation with European institutions,
  13. undertake activities to increase access participation of people with disabilities in the labor market.
  14. undertake activities for social activation of persons with disabilities
  15. promote and activities for active citizenship, European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between societies
  16. promote the knowledge-based society, lifelong learning and continuous skills
  17. increasing access to education and lifelong learning
  18. actions aimed at social activation elderly
  19. taking measures to ensure social and vocational activation of the disabled,
  20. to take action for the development of competences, technical and professional children and adolescents
  21. taking action on the provision of social assistance
  22. to take measures to combat unemployment and promote employment,
  23. promote and develop language education
  24. tackling digital exclusion through the implementation of investment projects
  25. promoting, conducting and supporting environmental actions
  26. activation of athletes and trainers
  27. promote patriotic values ​​
  28. taking measures to protect the heritage, culture and national heritage,
  29. creating favorable conditions for the functioning and growth of competitiveness of cooperating with and within the framework of cooperative relations and cluster initiatives in Poland and abroad.
  30. taking measures to combat poverty and social exclusion.


Statuses and privileges

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